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The Adventures of Toby the Goby

The Adventures of Toby the Goby

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The Adventures of Toby the Goby is a follow-up edition written on an emergent reader level. This release offer kids a chance to read about Toby's adventures on their own.

The book tells a beautiful story about a lovable Goby fish and his adventures from the salty ocean to the fresh-water streams! His friends help him remember that he is a special and extraordinary fish, and he'll need to remember this because the journey to his new home will be challenging.

Toby's adventure will find him having thoughts about himself that aren't very nice, and when he believes these, he doesn't feel like trying. But Toby's friends help him remember who he is, that he is never alone, and soon he learns to splash and sing in the bright sunlight. Do hard things. Swim upstream. Follow the Son, and be a Goby!

"Toby the Goby" has helped thousands of kids understand their anxiety, find hope and discover joy.
In addition to giving parents tools to discuss and normalize mental health, "Toby The Goby" teaches children:
-Value of Community
-Value of Helping others
-How To Deal with Comparison
-The Value of the Process

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